IDTheft Assist

When ID theft happens, we fix it for you.

IDTheft Assist has highly trained and qualified advocates ready to do all the work it takes to put your life back on track.

The fastest and most comprehensive solution on the market.

IDTheft Assist is a monthly subscription that gives you and your immediate family access to the quickest identity theft response services. IDTheft Assist has advocates who do all the work for you, so you can get back to your daily routine.

Quick Response

We're on call 24/7 to help you with the damage to your identity. We assess your situation, quickly plan next steps and then we get to work!

Quick Restore

We'll work with authorities, creditors, the government, and crediting agencies to ensure your identity theft case is reported quickly. We stay with you until this is resolved.

Quick Relief

You get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. We'll take a look at your credit report in real-time and replace any cards and accounts that were compromised.

Identity theft is the fastest growing white collar crime in America.

The biggest problem is that identity theft can never be 100% prevented. It's great to plan on prevention, but the fact is, it can still happen. Having a trustworthy solution to repair identity theft damage is the best solution.

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What we do for you.

Getting your life back on track is our #1 priority

IDTheft Assist works by reacting quickly to resolve the effects of Identity Theft by assigning an advocate to work on your behalf. We work quickly to resolve and restore your financial reputation and protect your personal information so that you can get on with the important things in life.

One subscription covers all of your qualifying dependents


$155.88 annually
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Terms of Service

Step One:
We compile the facts

IDTheft Assist will assign a highly qualified advocate to your case who will pull your real-time credit report and attack your case of fraud or theft hands-on. We will:

  • Conduct an initial needs assessment and determine if theft or fraud has occurred
  • Gather all required information  and develop an action plan to resolve your matter
  • Provide an Emergency Response Kit with helpful preventative measures
  • Review pertinent documents including credit report to ensure we take all the steps necessary to restore your identity
  • Actively work case until resolution

Step Two:
We contact creditors

Making sure creditors or other involved entities are notified in the event your identity has been compromised is the next step that we take in restoring your identity. We will:

  • Notify the credit bureaus of fraudulent activity
  • Submit Affidavits to Internal Revenue Service or any involved creditors
  • Submit disputes packages on your behalf to involved entities 
  • Alert Chex Systems 
  • Notify Postal Inspector of the incident
  • Dispute Medical Fraud

Step Three:
We restore your credit

ID theft can severely injure your credit report, which is why we work diligently to ensure your credit returns to normal as quickly as possible. We will.

  • Place alerts or Security Freeze on your behalf with the credit bureaus
  • Submit disputes on each fraudulent entry on the credit report
  • Alert creditors and submit dispute packages on your behalf
  • Obtain clearance notifications regarding the fraudulent accounts

More Added Value

Additional benefits provided at no additional cost with your subscription

You will receive these additional benefits as part of your IDTheft Assist subscription to help ensure we provide you with all of the tools you need to feel safe again.

  • Theft notification is sent to creditors, agencies, and the FTC
  • Credit report review sessions to find fraudulent charges
  • Proactive Pre-incident Components
  • Immediate "Fraud Alert" freezes on your credit report
  • Fraudulent charge repair efforts working with creditors
  • Free Legal consultation
  • Criminal report creation and filing
  • Tri-Bureau Credit monitoring
  • Medical ID Theft Coverage
  • $1,000,000 Cash Asset and Expense Reimbursement Policy
  • Free Credit Report and Score
  • Lost Wallet/Purse Services

The Answer for You

The fastest and most comprehensive solution on the market.